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AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)

Acceptable Use Guidelines

When using Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE)-owned or leased digital devices, accessing HIDOE networks, or using HIDOE Internet services:​

1. HIDOE-assigned user accounts inactive for three or more months (i.e. no logins or file uploads) will be deleted as they pose a security risk and tie up valuable system resources.
2. Users are responsible for their account(s). Users should make appropriate use of the system and network-provided protection features and take precautions against others obtaining access to their computer resources. Individual password security is the responsibility of each user.
3. Users are forbidden from using techniques designed to cause damage to, deny access by legitimate users of computers or network components connected to the Internet or result in the loss of the recipient's work.
4. Users shall not use another user's account or password without proper authorization from their supervisor (e.g., principal, VP, CAS, director, AS, etc.) and the system administrator.
5. Users are forbidden from circumventing security measures on school or remote computers and the HIDOE network.
6. Users shall not download, install or run security programs or utilities which reveal weaknesses in and/or bypass the security of a system. For example, the users shall not run password cracking programs on any of the Department's computer systems or install rootkits which bypass system security.
7. Users are prohibited from sending unsolicited, commercial and/or offensive e-mail.
8. Users are prohibited from using any form of electronic media to harass intimidate or otherwise annoy another person/group.
9. Users shall not make copies of system configuration files for their own unauthorized personal use or to provide to other people/users with unauthorized uses.
10. Users may post pages that are consistent with the public, non-profit educational mission of the Department of Education and are in compliance with all state and federal laws, including those prohibiting obscenity, defamation or copyright infringement.
11. Use of the Department of Education network resources to illegally distribute or duplicate unauthorized copyrighted or licensed material is prohibited.
12. Use of the Department of Education network to post, send, or retrieve pornographic material, inappropriate text or graphic files, or files that could damage the network (i.e., files containing malware/worms/viruses) are prohibited.
13. Use of the Department of Education network system in a manner that encumbers system and network resources to the point that usage causes interference with others' services is prohibited.
14. The Department of Education network and computing resources shall not be used for political lobbying or outside interests not related to the Department's business.
15. The Department of Education is a non-commercial user of the web and use of the web must remain non-commercial. No personal money-making activity may be conducted through the use of the Department's computing and networking resources.
16. The Department of Education is not responsible or liable for materials in violation. Users are responsible for the content of their postings and obtaining all necessary permissions or licenses for any material used.
17. Users shall not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted software, except as permitted by law or by the owner of the copyright.
18. Sending or receiving unlawful information via electronic communications; using electronic communications illegally in ways that violate local, state, federal, or international laws or statutes are prohibited.
19. Users shall always cooperate with requests from the system administrators for information about the users' computing activities.
20. Users are requested to report any weaknesses/compromises in the Department of Education's computer security, any incidents of possible misuse or violation of this agreement to the proper authorities by contacting the Department's Enterprise Infrastructure Services Branch via email: [email protected].
21. The Department of Education reserves the right to investigate and monitor any accounts, servers, or machines suspected of policy violation. HIDOE reserves the right to disconnect any device or freeze an account during the pendency of any investigation.
22. The Department of Education reserves the right to disconnect any device that is the source of malicious or suspicious activities without notice until the machine in violation is cleaned or fixed.
23. The Department of Education reserves the right without notice to freeze and delete an account that is engaging in activities that violate the Department of Education's policy or the source of spamming, abusive or malicious activities.