Waikoloa Elementary & Middle School

Construction on Campus

January 29,2014

Dear Parents,

Construction on two new portable classrooms has commenced on our campus. As a result of this construction there are some changes that will occur for safety purposes.

       Third grade students will have their first recess on the upper field with grades 1-2.

       Fourth grade students will have their first recess on the "paddler house" field with fifth grade.

       Grades three, five and preschool will move to the upper field for fire drills.

The Ho'oko street entrance near H building will still be accessible for drop off. Students will enter the pass through and walk down the hill to downstairs H building. There will be safety fencing around the construction area. Please remind your child (ren) to stay out of the construction area and pay attention to construction vehicles.

The play structure on the lower field and basketball court will be closed for the duration of the construction.

Elementary Homework Lab will be relocated to the Kona end of the lower field. Parents should park near the Reading Garden to observe their child walking up to meet them. Parents are NOT allowed to drive down to the lower field where the Homework Lab meets. Please call Aunty Lorna to have your child sent up or park and walk down to meet them. Do not use the Ho'oko Street access. Students at Homework Lab will use I building restrooms during this move.

We expect construction to be completed by the end of August, 2015. There is hope that it will be completed prior to the start of the 2015-2016 school year at the end of July.

We are looking for volunteers to help monitor the Ho'oko Street pass through near H Building. Please contact Vice Principal Rhanda Vickery if you are interested in helping keep our children safe.


Kris Kosa-Correia

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