Waikoloa Elementary & Middle School

Waikoloa Roundup!

The first Waikoloa Round Up Picnic on the Green of the school year is scheduled for Friday October 18th.  
For those unfamiliar:
-This is a community event hosted by the school, where we invite everyone to come to campus, enjoy live music, food vendors, and a nice picnic area.  
-Community Resource/informational groups are invited to set up (no sales vendors at this time).
-Food trucks and/or pop-up food vendors come in.
-If you have a SCHOOL group/club and you'd like to do fundraising, you will not be charged any kind of fee. Just sign up with me so there is not product-overlap. 
-For this specific night, it falls on the same evening as Parent/Teacher conferences AND the Book Fair. The picnic opens at 4, and the book fair closes at 5. 
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