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Aloha! Welcome to Ms. Tucker's class blog! I am so blessed to be working with your amazing children this year. Please subscribe to our blog and check in regularly to see what we are learning.

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Robot Presentation

Aloha Parents,
This week we will wrap up our robot designs from last week and present our projects. This is our first time doing a presentation of our ideas and work, so it will be a new experience for us. We will be presenting Friday between 10:10 and 11:00 am. Parents are welcome to attend, just check in at the office first. 
Have a great week! 

Our challenge this week was to design a robot to solve a problem created by volcanic eruptions on our island. The critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperation the kids are demonstrating is just amazing! We will continue to work on our robot next week. Ask your child about their robot and the problem it solves. 

It's Volcano Week!

Aloha Families, 
This week we get to learn about earthquakes and volcanoes! We will read about what causes these Earth events, how scientists study them, and how they affect people. The geology is actually a 4th grade science standard, so we are building background knowledge while working on our reading skills: asking and answering questions about our reading. We are getting better at looking back in the text to find support for our answers. You can help at home by asking your child questions about what he/she read. 
We begin subtraction in math tomorrow. We will learn how to subtract using base ten blocks and number lines. Only after your child can consistently and accurately explain regrouping of tens and hundreds will I show him/her how to line the numbers up and "borrow" like many of us were taught in school. This ensures that your child continues to grow in his/her number sense and that he/she actually understands the subtraction process. This being said, you may support at home in whatever way you feel comfortable. Don't be shy about showing your child "your way" of thinking about/doing the math. Your way may make more sense to your child! 
Three events to look forward to at the end of the week:
1) Quarter 2 report cards go home on Thursday. Please let me know if you would like to meet to discuss your child's progress. 
2) Friday at 1:30 we have our annual school-wide Peace March. Parents are welcome to attend. Students are currently working on an opinion writing about what peace means to them.
3) Students will build and program robots designed to help people affected by earthquakes and volcanoes. As this is an issue very close to home, students will be given the option to design a robot beyond the prescribed Lego directions. It will be interesting to see who takes the challenge and what they create! Please talk story with your child about earthquakes and eruptions on our island. Last spring/summer was a very long time ago in their 7 and 8 year old minds:)
I hope you have a great week,
Ms. Tucker

We worked hard learning to write opinion paragraphs this week. Ask your child why he/she thinks Hawai'i is a special place. 
Mahalo to our donors at donorschoose.org. We have ten new take-home literacy bags with brand new topics and books! These bags are in high demand. Please make sure to send them back to school when your family is done enjoying them. Thank you!
This envelope was sent home today. Please help our school by completing the enclosed survey. We appreciate your feedback!
This group stayed in from recess in hopes of seeing Old Faithful, Yellowstone's most famous geyser, erupt. The geyser erupted at 10am today (yay!) and erupts about every 90 minutes. You can catch it live from Yellowstone's webcam!

Happy New Year

Aloha Families!
I look forward to seeing your children tomorrow! This week we will be reading about special places around the world, learning to distinguish between fact and opinion, and writing opinion paragraphs using text evidence from our reading. In math, we will finally get to do a little geometry by learning about polygons. 
Have a great evening! 

Happy Holidays

Whew! We made it:) Mahalo for the cards and gifts you sent in this week. I wish you and your families all a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year. See you January 8th! 

Thank you to everyone who donated to our edible art project! We even had enough marshmallows for a marshmallow tower challenge.
Ask your child how his/her group stopped their mountain from eroding. As you drive this vacation, help your child spot ways people have stopped erosion near homes and roads.