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Introduction and Overview

Aloha Family Stakeholders,
A warm introductory greeting to express my commitment to your learner and his or her growth and achievement during our time together this year. Families and teachers working together within our community make the world go around for students in a positive way. I am proud and excited to be in partnership with you.
One overarching outcome for all students in my classes is that we are our best selves for our community. This goal emphasizes individual achievement and connection to society. The outcome also emphasizes caring and engaged citizenship: two attributes deeply needed in our complex world today. Respect for self and others is paramount.
My academic and behavior expectations are high, and I consistently hold students accountable for these outcomes. I support them well and I am available to them, but quality work and high engagement is expected in every learning environment.
Our administrative leadership has shared that families often request more information about who the teachers are as professionals and educators. To honor this, I offer this brief overview.
First, I am a life-long learner through formal education and authentic experience. I hold university degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Cinematic Arts (BA from Central Michigan University,) Education (BA from Colorado Christian University,) and Social Justice and Sustainable Communities (MA from Western Kentucky University.)
Second, I am an advocate working for educational equity for all students. This requires support from every sector of community. We just don't drop kids off at the school door and expect that all educational and emotional needs can be met without the support of nurturing families and supportive community. Universities, colleges, small businesses, corporations, non-profits, and health care providers all work together for positive student outcomes.
I am also a photographer and have used my passion and interest to document the people and cultures around the world that comprise the fabric of our global community. I am a visual historian, and those of you with students in our computer elective in sixth grade know that your students are now involved in this work.
Most importantly, I am surrounded and supported by family and friends who love and care for me as I do for them. My educator husband, my two sons, and my dog friend Houston fill my days with great joy. I also benefit from the many years of wisdom I  have received from my parents. 
May you experience fulfillment and pride this year as your student accomplishes great things. Call, write, set up time to understand how to best support the educational journey this year.
Sincerely, Theresa McClary•Jeffryes


Recent Posts

Sixth Grade Advisory honors the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all those working in the Civil Rights Movement for justice, peace, and equality. 
Wahoo! Congratulations to McJ's Sixth Grade Advisory for taking second place in the middle school competition to promote Unity and Anti-Bullying. Our group produced a multi-layered presentation including dance and video. It was amazing. Also, congratulations to the Blacksmith and Going Advisories who took first and third place, respectively. Sixth grade swept the middle school competition which says a lot about their effort!
NOW WE NEED TO COMMIT TO UNITY, POSITIVITY, AND EXCELLENCE DAY IN AND DAY OUT FOR OUR SELVES AND OUR COMMUNITY! Competitions are exciting, day to day life is where we prove our character.
Sixth Grade Advisory meets together with their Kindergarten Buddies for a pleasant reading afternoon. Mahalo to Ms. Mahin and her kindies for building community with us.
Cuneiform is a system of writing first developed by the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. It is considered the most significant among the many cultural contributions of the Sumerians and the greatest among those of the Sumerian city of Uruk which advanced the writing of cuneiform c. 3200 BCE.  We are scholars and historians in sixth grade humanities at WMS!

OPEN HOUSE FALL 2018 Materials

Mahalo Mui Loa to all the family stakeholders who came to the Parent Open House. For those of you who were unable to make the September 11th opportunity, here are some of the pieces we talked about together.  School wide fall conferences will be coming up in October. I will also schedule a second conference date for the beginning of February for my own families and students. Aloha.
Our exploration of prehistory and Paleolithic tool making in Humanities!
The Paleolithic Period is also known as the Old Stone Age, an ancient cultural stage of human development, characterized by the use of simple stone tools.
The Stone Age coincides with the discovery of the oldest known stone tools (see more at Encyclopedia Britannica.)
Sixth Grade Humanities explores the geographical features of the world as they create their world maps in preparation to their exploration of how physical geography influenced the success of ancient societies.

Our Classroom Community Agreements 2018-2019

Our Classroom Community Agreements

  1. We build each other up: Encourage and Edify.
  1. Every minute is a learning minute.  
  1. Any bell signals voices off, ears open.
  1. Our work is always proficient or exemplary as measured against the standards and benchmarks for our grade level.
  1. We are in a mastery learning environment. Students only progress as they master the standard.
  1. All work group conversation is on topic to the task at hand.
  1. We use technology only for the purpose of mastering content and finishing projects.
  1. Everyone gets what everyone needs: EQUITY.
  1.   We show up and make up missed work when absent from class.