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How to Update Your Chromebook

Update your Chromebook today! This will help it run all the programs we need to use in distance learning. Follow the instructions in the video above.

Navigator News March 3rd

Stories: Homeschool vs. Traditional Education 00:10- 1:03 5th Grade Talent Show Tips 1:03-3:01 Two Minutes of Fame (Auntie Lorna) 3:02-4:44 Reading Buddies 4:45-6:02

Video Club Broadcast February 2020

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Thanksgiving Broadcast

Segments: Rapper Welcomer's Club Super Achievers Mrs. Tucker's Art Show Thanks to Our Staff

1st Quarter Recap

I’ve enjoyed getting to know your students during the 1st quarter of this school year. We have some great motivated students at Waikoloa. Here’s what kids are learning in the computer lab.

Kindies are learning mouse control skills (pointing, clicking, dragging, opening and closing files and applications). We are focusing on letter sounds, numbers, shapes, and patterns. They are also learning how to draw using KidPix.

In 1st grade, our learners are learning how to save files correctly and independently. Right now we are creating pages to add to ‘Pete the Cat’, a great pattern book.

2nd graders have been researching wild animals, their habitats, diets, and adaptations. They will ‘interview’ their animals by asking recording questions and answers about key features, and embedding the audio in drawings they have created on the computer.

In 3rd-5th, keyboarding skills are going to be a priority outcome for students. Goals for this year:

3rd: 10 wpm (80% or better accuracy).

4th: 15 wpm (80% or better accuracy).

5th: 20 wpm (80% or better accuracy).

Additionally, we’re working on word processing skills, dictation, and text formatting skills. 3rd graders are currently learning how to use Google Docs as they write short narrative pieces. In 4th grade, we are studying environmental sustainability; research and presentation skills are the technology outcomes. 5th graders are learning how to enter data in spreadsheets and create mathematical formulas.

We have a GREAT group of students participating in our after school Video Club. Check out the “Navigator News” at