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It is with great pleasure that I will be teaching our students Drama, Spanish, French, ELL, and Study Skills this year.

If you ever would like to contact me please do,so via email at:
Or by phone at (808)883-6808 x284


Recent Posts

Global Scholars 18-19 Greetings from Waikoloa

This video just went worldwide with the Global Scholars community. Students created this video. This was 100% student led, and even the background music was performed by one of the students! AWESOME work.

Global Scholar Field Trip

Check out the photos of the Global Scholars' field trip to the Waikoloa Water Treatment Plant!!! So cool... Did you know that the two golf course use 1.2 MILLION gallons of water each day to keep the links oh so pretty?

Q3 Drama Performances

Aloha all,
On March 9th the middle school drama classes held their performances.  They are now available for your viewing.
Students were tasked with creating a story plot with an exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.  Once they had completed task 1, they were to find a piece of classical music that would complement the story.  Finally, they had to put to movement their story in a way that would match the mood, and inflection of the music piece!  They ALLL did a great job.  Thanks you guys for being AWESOME!!!!!!!
Next quarter for our final drama performance we will have 70s and 80s lip synchs! Yay!

Global Scholars Japan Skype Session

Last night 3/5 the Global Scholars class got the opportunity to skype with a middle school in Tokyo.  It was very impressive to see how well they spoke English after only 1 1/2 year of English classes.  The students exchanged questions and answers.  The world is truly not that big, and we are all about the same.  This is what is great about this class, we are bridging many cultures, and we are finding out that we are all pretty much the same, and that most of all we love our planet!