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Tips for Wellness

Tips for Wellness –

Daily Challenges (From the Blue Zone Project)


    1. Take 2 minutes to send a thank-you note, email, or message to someone who recently helped you.


  1. Expressing gratitude in writing has a positive impact at both ends of the postal or electronic mail box! As you write a note of thanks, you’re reflecting on what you received, your mind is focused on positive thoughts, and you feel good about connecting with someone.


  1. When thank-you notes arrive, recipients feel very appreciated! Your note may even encourage this person to extend feelings of gratitude to someone else. Take time to brighten someone’s day as you brighten your own!


  1. Think about a past success: Recall how you achieved your goal and how it made you feel.


  1. Make your bed today.


  1. Stand, shift your weight to the right and lift your left leg for 30 seconds, then switch sides.


  1. Give your kitchen sponge a once-over and add a new one to your shopping list if it looks tired. Can you remember when you began using it? If that sponge looks sorry and/or it’s been more than a month since you started scrubbing with it, add a new one to your shopping list.


  1. Why it matters to throw away your kitchen sponge—A kitchen sponge does a dirty job and has the bacteria to prove it. Because a sponge is often warm and moist, it’s a perfect breeding ground for yeast, mold, and other potentially harmful germs. Food safety experts recommend replacing your sponge every two to four weeks to help avoid spreading bacteria and ensure the safety of your food.


  1. Test the smoke alarm in your home.


  1. How to do it—If you have family members at home, don’t surprise anyone – let them know that you’ll be testing the smoke alarm. Grab a stepladder or a sturdy stool and place it on the floor under your smoke alarm. Stand on the stool and look for the small, round test button. Press and hold the button for a few seconds until you hear the siren. If the alarm doesn’t go off or if the sound is weak, make a note to replace the batteries.


  1. Why it matters – A working smoke alarm makes your home safer. If there’s a fire in your home, the alarm will be the first thing to alert you of danger. Testing your smoke alarm is an important part of maintaining this early warning system.


  1. Take 5 minutes today to unplug from technology and enjoy the scenery instead.


  1. Once during your day, take a 5-minute digital break. Stop texting, let the phone go to voicemail, and don’t respond to that email message. Instead, pause, take a deep breath, and observe the world around you. If you’re inside, look out the window. Notice the sky, the people, and the season. If you can get outside, take an even closer look at your physical environment.


  1. Why it matters - Just as your email inbox gets too full, so can your brain! Smart phones, laptops, and TVs all add to audiovisual clutter that our brains must then sort through. Even though these gadgets provide entertainment, they also add stress and can increase the levels of cortisol in the bloodstream. Over time, higher levels of cortisol can damage the heart, cause high blood pressure, and suppress the immune system. Taking time to unplug and enjoy the scenery allows you time to recharge the most important device: YOU.


  1. Share your favorite healthy hot drink.


  1. Do you have a favorite drink that warms your insides and is healthy? Perhaps you’re a fan of herbal or green tea. Maybe you use only a little bit of milk and sweetener in your coffee, or you go for the nonfat version of your favorite drink when you splash out at a coffee chain. Whatever you drink (or whatever you do to make your drink healthier), share it here.


  1. There’s a DELICIOUS drink called MACA. It is hot and is a replacement for coffee. It is best if you purchase the roasted maca!!!

You simply add one teaspoon and also almond creamer and um um good! In Peru, it is a natural vitality drink, especially for men as they age. Women buy it for their husbands! It is also: boosts energy without caffeine, balances hormones, assists with relieving stress, boosts immunity, alkalizes the blood, is loaded with 18 amino acids and over 20 healthy fatty acids, lowers blood pressure, increases memory, and is non-addictive so you can drink as much as you want! YOU CAN BUY IT ONLINE AT: Science-of-Living Natural-Foods.


  1. If you are interested in learning more about maca, see Ms. Angola. It will soon be at Whole Foods Supermarkets! Maca has been around for centuries! Now the US is learning more about this superfood!


  1. Liquid calories can add up fast when we’re downing a cup of our favorite toasty beverage. Luckily there are so many options out here now like the ones mentioned above. By sharing your favorite, you may introduce someone to a new drink – and you may get some new ideas yourself!


  1. Take 2 minutes to send a think-you note, email or message to someone who recently helped you.


  1. Sit square in your chair. Sit down slowly and squarely at least 2 times today.


  1. Instead of plopping down into your chair today, make a point of sitting down gently and squarely at least two separate times. Align your body so your knee and hip joints are naturally bent with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Distribute your weight equally on your sitz bones (the two lowest points of your pelvis). Keep your back straight but not arched, shoulders back and relaxed. Your knees should be at or below the level of your hips, your feet flat on the floor, and your ankles uncrossed in front of your knees.


  1. Why it matters – Back pain is one of the most common health complaints, and some researchers believe that poor sitting posture contributes heavily to back pain. By developing good sitting habits, you can help keep your back healthy.


  1. Save money at the grocery store by adding economical foods on your list.


  1. As you write your shopping list, think about items that will please your palate as well as your wallet. For example, frozen fruits and vegetables are nutritious and cost far less and won’t spoil if you don’t eat them right away. Beans are great, because they are packed with protein and cost just pennies a serving. If you don’t do so already, be sure to give store brands a fair shake – they cost less and offer the same quality as name brands.


  1. Why it matters – A list that contains healthy, economical foods leaves less room for processed, expensive extras in the shopping cart. More importantly, taking the tie to think about what you’ll need for healthy, low-cost meals increases the chances that you’ll eat well – without compromising taste or nutrition or wasting food each week that you did not eat quick enough.


  1. Shake off that afternoon slump. Share 2 ways you stay energized in the afternoon.


  1. How to do it – Name two things you do to stay energized after lunch. Here are some ideas to get you started: Walk up and down a flight of stairs, drink a glass of water, listen to some upbeat music, or take a 20-minute nap. Whatever you do to jump-start your afternoon, share it with others.


  1. Why it matters – Our bodies often slow down in the afternoon, making us feel less than perky. There’s more than one way to stay refreshed and keep your energy up through the ten of the day. By talking about your afternoon pick-me-ups, you may learn some new tricks to stay alert.
Drink plenty of water every day. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Drink a glass of water upon waking up each morning. (Suggestion: Program your smart phone to alarm you each hour to hydrate).
Take 1 minute to truly savor a flavor. Chew slowly and focus on taste and texture.
Practice saying “no” to a new commitment.
Be prepared to pick up litter. Stow a small plastic trash bag in your car, backpack, or purse.
Avoid impulse purchases by unsubscribing from 1 retailer’s email list.
Add 1 powerhouse fruit or vegetable to your grocery list, like strawberries, parsley, or carrots.
Take a few moments today to remember a successful experience. You might recall learning or teaching a really good lesson plan. It could be anything. Nothing boosts confidence like reflecting on your successes! (Focus on your positive traits!)
Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth today. Teeth and gums aren’t the only places in your mouth that collect food particles over the course of the day! Brushing your tongue helps to get rid of bacteria that can help prevent decay in nearby teeth. It also helps keeps your breath fresh and lovely!
Roll each foot over a soup can, water bottle, or tennis ball for a quick massage. Believe it or not, this quick foot massage can release tension and soreness that you might feel after a day on your feet. It can also geet the blood flowing in your feet, waking up the muscles that support your weight.
Eat 1 food rich in vitamin B12, such as a hard-boiled egg for a snack, cereal, or seafood. B12 helps your body form red blood cells and keeps your nervous system running smoothly. If you don’t take in enough vitamin B12, you may feel tired, weak, or light-headed. You can also take a Vitamin B12 supplement.
Go online to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Do a search using the words “BMR calculator.” Choose a link and follow and follow the instructions; most BMR calculators will simply ask you to enter your height, weight, age, and gender. After it calculates, you will see your BMR, or basic metabolic rate.
Your BMR is the number of daily calories, or energy, that your body burns while you are at rest.
Use the 80% Rule in your life: When eating, stop when you are 80% full.
Increase your energy by taking 5 minutes to sit, close your eyes, and listen to your breathing. (Attend the “10 Minute” meditation classes at Waikoloa Elementary and Middle School).
Taking a break will actually give you more energy to finish a task. Meditation is a proven stress reduction technique that can help slow your resting heart rate and breathing, lower your blood pressure, increase blood flow to major muscles, reduce muscle tension and pain, and improve your concentration.